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Ill Seven check these skillz lol

Posted by LaRae Martinez on Monday, April 11, 2016

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Posted by LaRae Martinez on Monday, April 11, 2016

It’s easy to throw a bunch of performers on a bill and call it a show, but Boombaptricks isn’t about the quick route. The curated monthly gathering intentionally blends comedy, music, fashion, activism and art on the same stage in an effort to bring folks together and get people in the audience talking — to each other and about social-justice issues. Conceived by production company 52Eighty Entertainment’s LaRae Martinez, musician ILL Se7en and Corin Chavez of local theater company the Black Actors Guild, Boombaptricks began last October and has already seen great success, with national comics, local fashion houses and internationally known DJs and MCs taking part in the interactive show. Although co-founder Chavez passed away unexpectedly last October, just before the first edition of Boombaptricks, his collaborators marched on in his honor. A continuing tribute to the hardworking actor and teacher, Boombaptricks is already living up to its mission to be a bridge between entertainment and community activism.