Tim Coleman

Born April 29, 1979 in Lincoln, Nebraska Tim is the eldest of 6 children. In 2003 one of Tim’s child hood buddies took him to his first comedy open mic in Lincoln, Nebraska. As Tim listened to his friend tell jokes about his family he thought to himself I could do that too. Two weeks later Tim went to an open mic signed up, told some jokes and was hooked. Getting the laughs brought Tim back week after week.

As Tim worked on his comedy and started fostering it in a more professional level he began to show case at bigger venues and as a headlining act. Tim knew in order to get to the level he wanted as a comedian he had to move. In 2007 Tim moved to Denver, Co where he would continue to grow as a comedian.

Tim is known for using the awkward truth and real life scenarios in his comedy, whether it’s a current event in the news or something he observed. Audiences respond to Tim because the jokes he writes are relatable and come from the truth that most people shy away from.   Tim has performed at many venues throughout Denver at places like Comedy works, Denver Improv, Voodoo, and many other venues in Denver and the surrounding cities. Tim is well known and active in the Denver comedy scene and has worked with many Denver Comics. In the near future Tim plans to take his comedy to the road and get laughs coast to coast!